Roof Certification

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Why do you need a Roof Certification?

A Roof Certification Inspection is a limited, visual inspection of the roof system. Many underwriters/insurance companies require a Roof Certification Inspection to confirm that your roof is in good condition or when the roof has reached 15 years or older. The Roof Certification Inspection is often required when renewing or switching insurance companies. One IMPORTANT part to prepare for your Roof Certification Inspections is to have any copies of receipts or permits on hand ahead of time.

When doing a Roof Certification Inspection, I will review all the accessible areas of the roof and then complete a report to document any factors that affect:

• the type, age, pitch, condition and estimated remaining useful life of roofing materials
• the number of layers for roof shingles
• the condition of the ridges, caps and drip edges
• the soundness of any drains, downspouts, and gutters if present
• the presence and condition of any flashing around: roof pipes, chimneys, vents, valleys and the mounting of HVAC units
• any noticeable or possible movement
• any previous roof repairs