Home Maintenance Inspections


Is your home healthy? Does it need a home Check-Up?

Just as you would go to see your doctor on a regular basis or take your car to the shop to keep it running well you should give your home a “check-up.” Just as your health and vehicle you should trust professionals to give you sound advice on keeping your home healthy. A Home Maintenance Inspection is a great way to educate yourself about any of the operating condition of the common components of the home and to learn what it takes to optimize the performance of its systems. A Home Maintenance Inspection can provide you with a maintenance schedule so you’ll know what to do and when to do it. The best time to have an annual inspection is before the weather turns hot. In Florida, “winter” is the best time to be outside. Call or make an online appointment with Obsessed Inspections today to schedule your Home Maintenance Inspection check-up; knowing a little today could save you a lot tomorrow.
Your Home Maintenance Inspection report is an affordable photo only inspection of visible and accessible defects. Inspection comments are included in the report. It is not as extensive as a full standard home inspection.