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Learn more about the condition of your foundation.

The most effective way to start monitor how your foundation is performing is by getting a foundation elevation survey. A foundation elevation survey is not the same as the property survey you get when you buy a property. The foundation survey is specifically for the floor of the house. The inspector takes readings across the floor and records it onto a floor plan to show the differences in readings. It’s important to keep the original readings floor plan to compare with the new readings.

The readings alone may not mean anything now, BUT, if you start seeing cracks in your walls, doors do not close or work properly, windows are broken, the walls are cracking or if you have plumbing leak, then the foundation survey will help prove to the home warranty company or home insurance company that your foundation has moved and has problems. 

We are not Structural Engineers. As part of our training, construction experience and education we have the knowledge to understand and know when a foundation have been compromised and will recommend the help of a Structural Engineer. As part of our services we include the Foundation Elevation Survey as an add-on service which can help you keep a record of the foundation elevation movement or take the decision to continue or not with the purchase.

The survey will document the existing elevations of the foundation throughout the structure to determine the following:

  1. Magnitude of movement, i.e., how level (or out of level) is the foundation
  2. Limits of areas affected by movement, i.e., where does the movement begin and end

What can you do with this information?

With this information, you can do the following:
  1. Have a basis for a structural repair design.
  2. Monitor for future movement.
  3. Provide evidence of stability (for example, demonstrate to a prospective buyer that the home hasn’t moved in 5 years).
  4. Provide evidence of movement (for example, demonstrate that movement has indeed occurred, despite denial from other parties).
  5. Be in a stronger position for making legal claims for structural damage or movement.

How is the elevation survey performed?

  1.  A Certified Professional Inspector will perform field measurements and a sketch of your foundation to allow a professionally drafted document to be prepared
  2. We use the Zip Level Pro 2000 that is accurate to 1/8″ to measure the vertical positions of the foundation at critical points and intervals
  3. The final document is drafted showing the foundation and the relative elevations as measured.


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